C.W. Conner


C. W. Conner is a self-taught artist who has worked with painting, drawing, and wood carving over the past 30 years. Conner was born 1939 in Walton County, Georgia He spent much of his early childhood in the rural South, among the simple joys of a way of life now forgotten. His family moved to Marietta, near Atlanta, in 1943 so that his father could find work. As a young man, Conner's desire to pursue a career in art was put on hold because of the need to earn a living. So he applied his talents working as a draftsman and in the building trade. He has extensive experience in home design, building and landscape design. Even though he did not have any formal instruction, over the years Conner continued to experiment with materials that were available to him, and he has developed his own unique artistic style. Utilizing wood and old tin roofing, Conner's art reflects his humble beginnings in the rural American South, and has found its way into many a heart and home.


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