Chuckie "Artist Chuckie" Williams (1957-2000)

"Artist Chuckie" Williams, was born in 1957 in Shreveport, Louisiana, and lived at home with his mother in Shreveport until his death at the age of 42 in 2000. His art has been exhibited all over the US and in many prestigious collections.The "ghost talent" (as he sometimes called himself) had painted since childhood... mostly pop culture icons.

Using found materials, he created double-sided portraits on plywood and cardboard in bold colors, often with added glitter on large pieces of plywood and cardboard. He created many paintings -- but mostly his favorite subjects were celebrities -- television talk show hosts, music video stars, and athletes. He once said of his work, "Janet and Michael (Jackson), they're my favorites. And Oprah and Michael Jordan."

Chuckie claimed he "became a genius" at the age of 22. A compulsive painter, many of his paintings were house paint on whatever scrap wood or cardboard he could find. His name (Artist Chuckie, Painter Chuckie, Psychic Talent, Christ True Genius, Ghost Talent) and the name of his subject usually figureprominently in his compositions.

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